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ABOUT Ruth Hildegard Henrich

Ruth Hildegard Henrich
Ruth Hildegard Henrich, MBA, RMT, RMT-SKHM, executive-, life coach, counselor, author and visionary artist , born and raised in Germany, works in California, Germany and Southern France providing retreats, seminars and one-on-one sessions under the title BE ! and UNLIMIT YOURSELF !



Get ignited.  BE! who you truly are.  

WARNING: This book will change your life !


Fall 1999 – while planting tulip bulbs in

her garden in Germany,  Ruth Hildegard Henrich received the call:   BE!  Not by phone…directly, in person, by Archangel Uriel, awaking her to her life’s true purpose.  She says: “My heart was so light and I felt as if  I was about to explode from joy. I felt Light shining from within. BE! Literally knocked me off my feet. From one second to the next I was a new person and felt like having come home after an enormously long time. I knew, from here a new life was starting.  Nothing would ever be the same. “  Many life changes resulted as a consequence.

It would take until 2008,  9 years of dramatic life changes, many notebooks filled with channeled information and meeting Louis Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer at a movie production at Assilomar, California, before she had the courage to go public “… it was as if receiving constant reminders saying   you were not given all this information to keep to yourself, this was handed to you to share with the world!  Do it! NOW!

She says: BE! 

  • was thrown like a pebble into my calm lake of  life, causing ripple effects of changes.
  • was the wake up call for my true lives’ purpose.
  • had me experience many adventures, countries and people.
  • causes change.


Ruth Hildegard Henrich invites you to learn from the coded teachings she was given and instructed to get out into the world.  Each one of you holds the key to their understanding.

This book asks to be re-read many times.  Each time it will reveal a new layer of information.  It feeds your hunger for knowledge and remembrance.  It’s teachings seed inventions that will further peoples.  Your dormant creativity will be lit by sparks, blowing to you from another realm. 

Get ignited.  Light the world with YOUR true light. BE!


Lots of Light  

Ruth Hildegard Henrich

This book describes my own awakening process, following my life's purpose and bringing forward channeled information.

There are only three books in my life which I could not put down until I had read them to the end.  Your book Be! is the third book, the other two were Edgar Cayce's.
Your book Be! is absolutely fascinating with rich layers of meaning.

Barbara Schneider, Pebble Beach, CA
International VIP Astrologer, Inventor of Astrocartography