West, But South Eventually...

ABOUT Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt
Brian is living a life that makes Ernest Hemingway look like a Boy Scout and Hunter S. Thompson look like a saint. In between bouts of insanity and sobriety Brian can be found working on various writing projects. Currently he is working on a couple screenplays as well as networking with so More...


The story of a man who is running from his love and his past. He finds a woman seemingly out of nowhere who is all too willing to help him forget about everything he's running from, and so much more. As the story progresses he realizes he should be running back to his past and away from the present, but now it may be too late.

The author spent a lot of time running through the desert Southwest, United States. During his travels he came across several things that all led to the inspiration for this book. Does Devilin exist in real life? That is for the reader to figure out. Much of what takes place throughout 'West,But South Eventually' will leave you wondering what is real and what is made up.