Hattie Marshall and the Dangerous Fire

Excerpts & Samples

By Debra Smith

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

ABOUT Debra Smith

Debra Smith
Debra West Smith, a resident of Louisiana, has used her knowledge of the locale to accurately describe the geography and scenery of New Orleans and the south Louisiana coast through the eyes of young Hattie.



Hattie Marshall, a young girl from the Texas countryside, is just getting used to having a room of her own when, surprisingly, her sister returns home in tears a month after her wedding. Worn out by a meddling mother-in-law, Rosalie is determined to move back home, and Hattie has a strong mind not to share her room again. As her father is moving Rosalie, Hattie is hatching a plan to reunite the estranged couple and once again have her own room. Determined to escape her problems at home, Hattie and her friend, Eric, venture into the forest to their favorite fishing spot and spend a quiet afternoon at the pond. The sky grew dark and the weather worsened as a streak of lightning hit nearby and started a forest fire. Hattie and Eric escape the inferno and warn their family as it spreads closer to their homes. Dealing with issues ranging from sibling rivalry to jealousy, Hattie learns a great deal about relationships and transforms from selfish to selfless. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Inspiration for the Hattie Marshall series came from stories her grandfather used to tell about his younger days in East Texas. She is also the author of Hattie Marshall and the Hurricane, Hattie Marshall and the Prowling Panther, and Yankees on the Doorstep: The Story of Sarah Morgan, all published by Pelican.