Haunting of Las Vegas, The

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By Janice Oberding

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

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Janice Oberding



"The Haunting of Las Vegas is a macabre compilation of the eeriest of haunts of Sin City. As the city never sleeps, nor do its restless spirits." -Kalila K. Smith, author of Miami Ghosts, Legends & Mysteries and Searching for Spirits The legends and lore that surround Las Vegas are only a part of any tourists' complete experience in the city. Though the lights rarely go out in this town, many have reported encounters with otherworldly specters of all kinds. Is it any wonder this larger-than-life area, celebrated not only for the glitz and the glam, but for its mystique and intrigue, is also home to a variety of ghosts? Only a mecca of high stakes and even higher drama can devise a slogan such as "what happens here, stays here." Guests, if only for a moment, while away their time on gambling, fine wine, and magic shows. But, through tragedy, some are destined to never leave. The Haunting of Las Vegas highlights the stories of these indelible souls in great detail. Renowned locations throughout the city, along with the spirits that haunt them, are presented together with interesting historical facts and details. The unmistakable exterior design and interior layout of the Luxor Hotel has made it a common location for everyone from movie producers to forlorn people looking to take their own lives in a Brobdingnagian fashion. Other locations, some old and some new, have their own stories to tell. The relatively new, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, filled nightly with the hip and fashionable younger generations, has its share of apparitions as well. Some whisper that it is the ghost of John Entwistle, the bass guitarist of The Who, who spent his last moments at the hotel. Author Janice Oberding thoroughly explores the areas haunted history and presents these ghostly legends with all the drama Vegas has to offer. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Paranormal research author Janice Oberding has been performing ghostly investigations for more than thirty years. She has developed and taught several classes at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada; Great Basin College in Elko, Nevada; and Western Nevada College in Carson City. She has consulted on the subject of the paranormal for the History Channel, Living TV, The Travel Channel, and Fox Television.