Norway Bed & Breakfast Book

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By Anne Bj0rgen

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

ABOUT Anne Bj0rgen

Anne Bj0rgen



From 0stfold to Oslo, Vestfold to Vest-Agder, and Nord-Tr0ndelag to Nordland, this premier guide offers over 150 listings of friendly and hospitable Norwegian hosts and their available lodgings in a land known for its majestic mountains and fjords. Now in its sixth edition, the book includes updated, detailed information on each establishment, information on surrounding areas, and quaint pen-and-ink renderings of each accommodation, illustrated by the author. Listings in Norwegian, English, and German include high-standard bed and breakfasts, small family-owned inns, private homes, cabins, townhouses, manors, farms, and even old-fashioned staburs (storage huts). The book is equipped with excellent color maps of each region, detailed directions to each establishment, and an evaluation form welcoming guests to offer personal updates and comments on their stays. Additionally, all establishments are coded by the author per her standards, reflecting the hosts' attention to cleanliness, food quality, comfort level, amenities, and more. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anne Marit Bj0rgen was born on April 17, 1959, in Stavanger, Norway. She studied at the Oslo School of Architecture from 1982 to 1988. After working for a major construction firm upon graduation, Bj0rgen started a small publishing company in 1992 and, one year later, opened her own bed and breakfast. By 1994, Bj0rgen had collected enough information on Norwegian bed and breakfasts to lead to her publishing the first bed-and-breakfast book on Norway. This guide is an updated version of the 2005-2006 edition. In addition to travelling throughout Central America, Europe, and the United States, Bj0rgen enjoys pursuing various arts and crafts, including beading and furniture remodeling. After living for over twenty years in Oslo, Ms. Bj0rgen currently resides in M0re where she is renovating an old house.