God's Money-Back Guarantee: The Seven Steps to Financial Security

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By C. LePre

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.


C. LePre
For almost two decades, C. Gerard LePre has been an insurance executive and personal finance planner. In 1992 he founded Faith Financial Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit organization devoted to teaching Christians how to obtain financial freedom. His work has helped many individuals and famil More...



When it comes to your money, your personal finance strategy should be made up of the same Christian moral principles you follow for every other aspect of your life. Without them, you will be as doomed financially as you would be spiritually. Successful financial planner C. Gerard LePre proves with seven easy-to-follow biblical principles that the application of spiritual morality to economic common sense can be the key to reaching financial freedom. This plan evolves out of scriptural principles valid in all aspects of your life. These proactive solutions should have an immediate and lasting impact on your personal security. Just follow these strategies for strong financial results: - Develop and adhere to your Christ-centered budget - Increase and conserve your treasures through a Christian life-style - Reorganize your existing debt - Maximize insurance utilization - Reallocate income tax dollars - Create investment opportunities - Achieve estate conservation In addition, there are seventy tactics offered in this book for making the most of your income and assets. LePre further explains the four divine purposes of money. Through understanding the biblical economic principles, disciplining oneself to follow these lessons, and applying them to the strategies, one can prosper in faith and finance. LePre helps you develop Christianomics, the personal, spiritual science that focuses on the distribution, management, and consumption of wealth.