Selling Yourself To Others: The New Psychology of Sales

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By Kevin Hogan

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Selling Yourself To Others: The New Psychology of Sales

ABOUT Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan
Kevin Hogan is a national public speaker and founder of Success Dynamics Foundation, a nonprofit organization that strives to teach schoolchildren about making correct choices about drug use. An expert on body language, he is sought after by the media and even has interepreted President Cl More...



< Selling Yourself to Others contains 100 percent selling power! There's not an ounce of fluff in the book. Once you learn how to read and understand your client's core desires you will transform yourself and your selling team into superstars. This is the book we have been waiting for!< --Dan Yaman, president of EventThink At last, cutting-edge advice from two leading figures in the field of sales psychology! Selling Yourself to Others demonstrates how to identify prospective customers and communicate with them so effectively that a sale is virtually guaranteed. Kevin Hogan and William Horton cover all aspects of verbal and nonverbal communication, including building rapport, reading body language, calibrating oneself to the customeris needs, and installing