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By Steven Layne

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.


ABOUT Steven Layne

Steven Layne
Award-winning author and educator Steven L. Layne serves as associate professor of literature at Judson College in Elgin, Illinois. He is a respected literacy consultant, motivational keynote speaker, and featured author at conferences and literary events worldwide. He is the author of fiv More...



Building upon the success of This Side of Paradise, which won the 2001 Hal Clement Award for Best New Science Fiction Novel for Young Adults, Steven Layne has written another gripping tale featuring teens battling evil forces. In Mergers, the sinister antagonist is the mastermind behind an engineered society that has wiped away all traces of race. He is intent on destroying Dirk and his friends, who have spent their entire lives in hiding because of their racial identities. Each has extraordinary powers--Nicci, the African Traveler, manipulates time; Mateo, the Hispanic Metamorph, alters his shape; Keiko, the Asian Empath, heals with her hands; and Dirk, the Caucasian Telepath, invades others' minds. In this cautionary tale, the themes of loyalty, leadership, and identity are all called into question as Dirk and his friends struggle to conquer The Merger. When they take a dangerous journey into the past with the hope of restoring the world's natural timeline, each of them must struggle with their own inadequacies and deal with all-too-human failings, despite their special powers. Mergers' riveting plot and supernatural characters will keep teens engaged while reminding them of each individual's potential to change the world.
"Gives readers a lot to think about concerning race, fate, trust-and friendship."