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Coach Ian Scott
Coach Ian Scott, is a life coach based in Lancashire, United Kingdom. He is the writer and producer of two highly successful podcast shows, which have being “Featured” in iTunes, and have being in the Top 100 podcasts in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Japan, It More...


Running a business, or just running your everyday life can be challenging at times. It can sometimes seem like the odds are stacked against you or that there are so many issues to deal with that just starting is enough to make you want to retreat back to your duvet! When I get to the times where I question why it was I started a business I find calling on the snippets of wisdom of others to be a highly beneficial exercise. The modern world can be a lonely place and it is always reassuring to know that somebody else has felt the same way, and better still, been inspired to share their knowledge with others. In my adventure on "The Last Millionaire" I called upon some of the motivational quotes I have heard over the years to keep me focused. It was especially useful in my winning week in Hong Kong where I was all alone in a strange city. In this book Coach Ian Scott deals with some of my favorite motivational tools; quotes. Some are funny, some are profound but all are inspiring and will allow you to briefly step out of your life and remember that you are not all alone in a big scary world! ( Taken from the FOREWORD written by Lucy Cohen)

Words – they have the power to make us happy or sad, laugh or cry, empower or immobilize, encourage or discourage. The power to produce such results through the use of words, is granted to you and I each and every day through either the written or spoken word! Mankind has long known the influence that mere words can have upon other human beings. Words have been used to move people to follow a cause, whether for good or ill. The advertising world effectively uses words to evoke certain feelings that will cause people to purchase a particular product or service. Movie – goers are persuaded by film reviews as to whether they will see the latest blockbuster movie or not…and on the list could go. One specific example of the power of words, is through reading and recalling favorite quotes uttered or written by Biblical or historical figures across history. For some, their favorite passage or quote may come from the 23rd Psalm, The Lord Is My Shepherd; for still others, it may come from a leading Statesman or other world notable, or even from one of their favorite authors. Why do we enjoy reading or using quotes in speeches and other situations so much? The answer to that question is probably different for each person that would volunteer an answer. But part of the answer for all, is that, we find in the words of the quotes we use, a meaning that we at the time just can’t seem to articulate, but find some connection with on a deeper level. For professional speakers and authors, the use of quotes are often used to either reinforce a point, or as a teaching technique, or to inspire and motivate their audience in some way. Others who use quotes, often employ them as a means of gaining a fresh perspective on a life issue, or as a source of encouragement in moments of gloom. Whatever the reason we have for using quotes, they are a time tested source of insight and wisdom, a resource that the world never seems to tire of.

"I love motivating quote books. I found Coach Ian Scott's quote book to be one of the better ones I've read. Every day there is at least one quote that gets me going, picks me up or guides me in the right direction." Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of The Platinum Rule and Hall-of-Fame Keynote Speaker

Quotes to Inspire and Motivate is an awesome collection of uplifting bits of wisdom from the most inspirational leaders across history. Whether you are interested in using these quotes to motivate an audience or simply to motivate yourself, they are an invaluable resource. I suggest you read a quote or two a day and map its guidance onto your life to be the best you can be.

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Coach Ian Scott has found gold! 'Quotes to Inspire & Motivate' is a treasure and I guarantee you will love and more importantly USE it - Thank you Ian for your amazing gift to us all! - Kristi Frank ,Season 1 The Apprentice USA .