A Ticket to Tewkesbury

General Fiction

By Neal James

Publisher : Pneuma Springs Publishing

A Ticket to Tewkesbury

ABOUT Neal James

Neal James


"Who is the Mole?
When Julie Martin discovered a fifty year old love letter, little did she know that it would trigger a chain of events which had its roots in the death throes of Nazi Germany. Revelations in the secret files to which it led, threatened the very foundations of democracy in Britain.
The love story of Roger Fretwell and Madeline Colson weaves its magical course through the story and draws together the forces of MI5 and ""The Organisation"", in a struggle for the secret documents kept hidden for nearly fifty years.
George Watkinson, head of the secret service is locked in fierce conflict with Detective Alan Mason, ""The Organisation"" front man; he discovers a mole within MI5, but there could be others. Intrigue and murder follow in the wake of a race for supremacy from which only one winner can emerge."