The Wanderers

General Fiction

By Charles Goulet

Publisher : Chronicler Publishing

ABOUT Charles Goulet

Charles Goulet
Charles O. Goulet is a former school teacher with a BA in English literature and a BEd in history. As a result, he writes historical novels based on Canadian history, particularly French Canadian history. He as written several novels in a series known as the Marin Family Chronicles.



The Wanders is the story of three brothers, Pierre, Jean, and Charles Marin who in the 18th century strive to make a home for their families in New France as France and England struggle to be supreme in North America. 
Pierre wanders in the interior of the continent while Jean wanders back to Acadia where he was born, and Charles wanders in another way.

This is the sixth book of a series The Marin Family Chronicles based on the history of a family that arrived in North America in 1670 in Acadia, New France to start a new life Pierre and Francoise Marin and their family, but they are stymied by the wilderness, the administrators of the colony, and the continuing conflict between France and England for supremacy in the world but particularly in North America.