Awakenin:13 Steps to Love, Freedo, and Power

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Michael Robins
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Awakening:13 Steps tells the story of my search for knowledge and my re-awakening after returning to a mundane life. It is an inspirational guide to higher self-awareness

The Chapter I offer tells the interesting story of how The Next Top Spiritual Author Contest re-connected me to my life's purpose. It will only take a minute to help me and possibly the world move toward greater awareness. Please go to to vote for me in The Next Top Spiritual Author Contest. Hampton Roads will publish the winner’s book. If you haven't received the free chapter, request one at There is a 6 minute audio about me and my book if you want to listen to it. Your vote is important. I'm sorry, but they will make you register before you can vote. It only takes a minute. And it would be great if you could share this with your friends. Thank you very much, Michael