Violet's Victory

Christian Books

By Kathleen Mulroy

Publisher : Comfort Publishing

ABOUT Kathleen Mulroy

Kathleen Mulroy
A former Californian, I have been living for the past five years in beautiful North Idaho with my husband and teenage son.  I love to – not necessarily in this order! -  write; kayak; walk my dog; cuddle with my cat; read voraciously; cook; eat; travel; talk with my wonderful son; spen More...



"Violet's Victory" is set in the 1902 silver-mining town of Wallace, in the Silver Valley of north Idaho.  An attractive, independent woman, Violet Murphy has all but resigned herself to "spinsterhood" when she meets her church's handsome new minister, Douglas Cook.  She had to overcome illiteracy, childhood abuse and the loss of her mother before she found God and a community of faith.  Douglas once drifted through life without purpose, traveling  the seas as a merchant sailor.  But a series of events - including the death of a friend and his own near-death experience - bought him to God and the decision to make a new life as a minister.  Douglas comes close to going off course, though,  when he meets a headstrong, beautiful Seattle socialite, Lilianne.  Finally breaking away from her,  he heads for seminary and then for his first ministerial position in Wallace.
Violet and Douglas seem headed for romance when Lilianne intervenes, determined to reclaim her former fiance. Aided by her two closest friends, her faith and her intelligence, Violet decides to fight for her love.
My first novel, also a historical Christian romance, is "The Silver and the Cross".  Published by Comfort Publishing, it is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders Books, and is in selected book stores.