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Del Stewart


Ellipsis is a historical fiction account of the fall of the iron curtain through the personal stories of the members of the last Communist government. Caught up in the sweep of history, they seek to make a future for their country in the new world order as everything they thought they knew turns out wrong, or backwards, or upside down, and mostly useless.

Such grand history is made up of less grand bits of private histories as well: simple threads of love and trust and savage disappointment; small sometimes accidental acts of courage; awesome ridiculousness.

What was it like to watch the Iron Curtain fall from behind? While Communism was always corrupted by the dictators and used for total control of the population, there were still those who believed in its promise of social justice. As the Communist power structure falls all over Europe, the true believers came to power. During the brief time they had before history overtook them, they set the direction of their countries -- those who answered the call for vision and character -- that will last for a thousand years.