The Traveling Heart


By Paul Wood

Publisher : Silver City Press, an imprint of Canonbridge LLC

ABOUT Paul Wood

Paul Wood
Paul Wood has travelled far since he saw the light of day on the banks of the River Mersey in England.  Early childhood had some interesting challenges and developments that shaped his path for the future. 
     Fates conspired to take him into a world of international travel.  More...



It is often quoted that within each human being there is a story waiting to be told. The Traveling Heart is a brief story in verse of one man's journeys. It is a reflection of a nomadic life, a reflection of the author's experiences of other cultures and traditions, and many personal challenges. As you will see as you read, the smallest of things have had an impact, as have some of the more notable incidents in recent times. The author takes you on his roller coaster ride - moments of complete despair and moments of sheer joy.