Love Always, Hobby and Jessie

Biographies & Memoirs

By Sara Robinson

Publisher : Pathbinder Publishing LLC

ABOUT Sara Robinson

Sara Robinson
I am a retired technical marketing manager out of the chemical and minerals mining industry.  For years I have wanted to find the right/write side of my brain and finally I managed to devote time to fiinding my writing style and voice.  My inaugural project was a memoir: Love Always, Hob More...


The memoir describes the early lives, courtship, and marriage of Hobby and Jessie as told through the memories of their daughter.  Each chapter brings to the reader the vivid details of both parents and their interactions as their marriage unfolded through their lives.  Best described as a marriage of "starts and fits," the reader is brought right from the edges into the center of Hobby and Jessie's marriage dynamics.  Because Hobby was a talented and prolific photographer, the memoir also contains photos that bring the reader further into the personalities and stories.

As an only child of a charming and charismatic couple, I saw their struggles within their marriage starting from my own young age. As I grew up around them, they both in their own manner drew me into their marriage turmoil, often trying to get me to take sides. While this didn't work, it nevertheless caused me to wonder more about just who they were. I couldn't figure them out and when I left home for college I vowed that I would only return for sporadic visits. Their dynamics were too hard for me to grasp and it took me many years to come to love them again in a way that a child would want to love and remember her parents. The turning points for me in understanding the depths of love were when I saw each of them die. And in both cases they had lapsed into a coma and I had to decide to terminate life support. This book is the best way I know how to bring them somehow back to life-for me, and for those who loved them, too.