Here All Along

Family & Relationships

By Lori Osterman

Publisher : TreasureLine Publishing

ABOUT Lori Osterman

Lori Osterman
Lori is the mom of two wonderful girls. She loves to write and has been doing so ever since she was old enough to put pen to paper. She wrote to help others in the same situation find their own inner strength and give them the power to believe in themselves.  Lori also has a moving  More...



Here All Along is one woman's struggle to leave an abusive marriage, twice. Her struggle through the court system in hopes of finding someone to help protect her and her daughters from her ex-husbands who refused to let go. Her fight to obtain and keep her restraining order three years in a row and finally learning who she could count on to protect her and her children. Here All Along is an inspirational story of one woman's fight for freedom, her desire to protect her children and finding the strength to believe in herself. No one should ever be abused by someone who says "I love you."