Black Diamond

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By JaNese Dixon

Publisher : Purpose Prevails Publishing

ABOUT JaNese Dixon

JaNese Dixon
Ja’Nese Dixon is an Oklahoma native living in Houston, Texas. As a child, she spent most of her days reading anything she could grab. Her love for writing gave birth to a large collection of poetry and short stories. She continued to nurture her love of reading and writing until entering More...


Camille Blackwell, an undercover FBI agent, poses as a jewelry purchaser in an international diamond trading company in hopes of identifying the domestic players in a vicious rebel group suspected of trafficking conflict diamonds.

The Bureau requests CIA renegade Marc Fulton’s assistance with sweeping international intelligence to identify the major rebel organizations with finances and stateside connections strong enough to evade criminal prosecution, despite Camille’s objections.

Sparks fly when Marc and Camille meet, their attraction is instant and tense. However, both resolve to focus on the case. But when Camille receives an encrypted memory stick from a murdered co-worker Marc may be the only person she can trust.

Black Diamond is the eagerly anticipated debut novel by Ja’Nese Dixon. True love, like black diamonds, is rare and precious; but when murder and a persistent criminal threaten a frail relationship, can love triumph?

In a borderless game of cat and mouse, will a chance at happily ever after be thwarted at the deadly scheme of the faceless leader of the Imperial Dynasty?

Life is about choices. Black Diamond is a romantic suspense story that spotlights the life altering choices between people that appear to be so different, yet they are alike where it counts most in their life. Whether it's a death of a parent, a yearning for a relationship, or your career aspirations. We all must make choices. While reading Black Diamond, don't be surprised if you find yourself drawn to the bad guy and questioning the intentions of the good guys. It's all a part of life.



If you were going to buy one book (Direct Link)This is the one. JaNese Dixon has written a story that grabs your attention, with characters that I want to know more about. One of the characters Talib is one I hope she brings back as he has MANY stories to tell. The central character is an agent who gets caught up in drama while undercover, with folks around her who stay in trouble of some kind. I really enjoyed this book with its twists and turns and I think you will as well.

Wonderful story by first time author (Direct Link)

Ja'Nese Dixons first novel is a hit!

Black Diamond, the story of Camille Blackwell, working undercover for the FBI to expose the underworkings of the diamond trade, Ja'Nese weaves us a tale of love, trust, betrayl, murder and greed - all the things that make a story good!

Ja'Nese is a fantastic story teller, keeping the reader entertained with great character and scene development, all set in her home town of Houston, so we get to "see" the city as she sees it. Vibrant and alive.

Ja'Nese was kind enough to join me on Page Readers to talk about her book, and her work as a publicist for other fabulous authors. Find her interview at [...]. I'm sure you will enjoy hearing her talk about her work!