We Are the Children of Haiti

ABOUT Camy De Mario

Camy De Mario
I'm a children books writer and illustrator.I write stories about current events with the intent to entertain and at the same time educate children and families around the world.Each book is connected to a charity foundation where proceeds are donated to support their cause!



"We Are the Children of Haiti" is dedicated to all the children affected by the tragic earthquake.

The story can be downloaded for $ 15 at www.lulu.com

All proceeds are donated directly to www.UNICEF/HAITIQUAKE.com

For more information visit www.forthechildrenofhaiti.com

After the devastated news about the earthquake in Haiti, I decided to write and illustrate this story and dedicate it to all the children affected by this tragic event. The children of Haiti are strong and beautiful! We need to make sure that they won't be forgotten... Still a lot needs to be done for Haiti, so as a UNICEF volunteer, I donate proceeds of the book to them to support their hard work and effort to rebuild the future of those children and their country.