Cinnamon Kicks

Family & Relationships

By Mark Wagstaff

Publisher : Boudoir Press

ABOUT Mark Wagstaff

Mark Wagstaff



Katalina ‘s job as a waitress in a sleazy dive includes very regular servicing of her boss, which she is more than willing to provide; but when she leaves her job to go in search of her lost sister, a whole new world of sex and corruption opens up to her when she enters the scene of porn film-making.  As she is introduced to the more extreme ‘pleasures’ of the flesh she finds herself embroiled in a degrading and dangerous business.

 Her physical resemblance to her sister, together with help from her boss, gains her entry into the  film company who employed her sister,  and from regarding herself well-versed and well-practised in the art of satisfying the opposite sex, she soon realises that the  demands of the industry require much more from her than she could ever have imagined.   Fearing her sister may be dead, she allows herself to be drawn in and ‘groomed’ to take her place, and complies with all that is required of her in an effort to find out what has happened to her beloved Fawn.

This  extremely well written novel contains not only steaming sexual sequences to satisfy the most voracious of appetites, but has a story line of mystery,  intrigue and adventure, making it an excellent and most  absorbing read.