Finding Peace and the True Soul

ABOUT Andrea Howells

Andrea Howells
Andrea Howells is a young lady with a great outlook on life. This 11-year-old from Northeast Pennsylvania has a love for reading, writing and creating new adventures.



Peace Saved thought she was a girl like any other. She had great friends. She went to school. She daydreamed. But never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would be able to control water.

Peace discovers that she is the Light Master, as well as a Godsend of water. To learn more about her powers, she starts attending a school in heaven called "Peaceful Harmony." Peace meets Joy, who becomes one of her best friends. Joy makes Peace a rare rainbow phoenix named Flare.

When Peace thinks things can't get any weirder, Grace, a fellow student, loses the Godlove spirit that dwelled in her family for generations. It's up to Peace to save the spirit and fulfill her destiny.