Bad Girl Gone Mom

ABOUT Kay Balbi

Kay Balbi
Kay Balbi, aka K.C. Lauer lives in the Hartford, CT area with her husband and daughter. She writes web content and recently published her memoir Bad Girl Gone Mom. She is also a small business owner and singer/song writer working on a new CD entitled Paths. She is available for speaking en More...



 K.C.’s learns that she was born without a vagina after being rushed to the hospital at age 13. Her reconstructive surgery and subsequent mandatory dilation therapy affects her deeply. The emotional pain leads to drug, alcohol and sex addictions. K.C. gets sober in her junior year of high school, but sobriety alone is not enough.

When K.C. finds out that she is pregnant, it is a wake-up call. She goes through a period of self-awareness and eventually turns her bad girl actions into experiences she can use to become a good mother.

K.C. recognizes that she could have killed herself and given a few key times in her life, but she did not. Instead she persevered and got help. She celebrates her success and challenges readers to liberate their demons and release the harmful secrets.

I went on vacation with my then 21 year-old-daughter who happened to bring along James Frey's A Million Little Pieces for me to read. Frey's novel moved me and I could relate to his story but I couldn't help thinking when girls get out of control drinking, they have other things to worry about. I decided to put my own story down on paper because I felt my experiences might help other females realize they are not alone. I am saddened when I see kids killing themselves over their sexuality. Society needs to change and stop discriminating against those people that find they are somewhere in the middle of traditional male and female.

Lynn Pritchett, from Associated content says, "Most anyone can relate to this book, because no one is perfect emotionally, spiritually, or physically, whether living with birth defects or not. Anyone with an open heart and open mind can relate to K.C.'s story on some level, and it is written in an easy-to-read format with short chapters. 

Using my book review rating scale of the lowest at #1 (Don't bother), and up to the highest at #5 (Something for everyone in this book), Bad Girl Gone Mom earns a solid #4 rating. A very few group of people may be offended by the brief scatterings of raw language, but overall this book is a must read.

Additionally, this book is a great resource to medical professionals and students in medical school programs like child and family psychiatry, genital surgery, gynecology, and more. In liberal arts colleges, this is a remarkable textbook or supplemental reading for psychology, social work, and other appropriate areas of study, regarding gender identity disorders."