The Robbery Report

General Fiction

By Kevin Glorious Gause

Publisher : A New Quality Publishing

The Robbery Report

ABOUT Kevin Glorious Gause

Kevin Glorious Gause
Kevin Glorious Gause is from New Brunswick New Jersey. The Robbery Report, which is the first of a trilogy, became his first published work in 2010. It is Glorious intent to deter the youth through his writing from traveling down the negative path he once chose and he hopes to inspire and  More...



Gerrod Mason, Frank Wilson and Lisa Mathews all have something in common, they’re all from a city in New Jersey small in size but big in reputation just off the NJ Turnpike’s Exit 9 better known as New Gunswick. Together they contribute to and rep their town’s hood monarch to the fullest, giving the streets something to talk about.


Gerrod aka G Millions, the charismatic thug and Frank aka Famous, the trend setter, form a bond thicker then blood brothers and make a pact to get it by any means necessary and that’s exactly what they do. From the North, to the Mid- West down to the Dirty South they show the true meaning behind the old street saying, If you can’t make it then take it.


Life for the duo was all good but soon gets better after Lisa aka Lady Pink, joins the crew. She becomes the main ingredient missing in the masterpiece the two were chefing up. Equipped with beauty and brains, not to mention loyal and deadly, it becomes evident why Lady Pink is every man’s dream and worse nightmare all rolled up in one.


Together, the trio and their band of young hungry wolves become the criminal version of the dream team, contributing to the boost in the crime rate wherever they traveled.


But like all other families in the underworld, greed and lust emerge leaving two fatal questions? Will they be able to maintain their loyalty and reconcile differences so they can continue to break bread together? Or will they fall victim to the saying there are no honor amongst thieves and become just another statistic