ABOUT Shirley Hammond

Shirley Hammond
I am a native of Austin, Texas; I have one son, and two living siblings.My life journey so far has never taken me outside of Texas, but I am considering...



CLUE: I'm a bit of a square, I have circumference too. I have a venemous sting, and love the warm waters of Australia. Who am I?

"A box jellyfish!" Type it, Emma. We have seven seconds. Hurry, press SEND!" Emma's twin yelled in excitement.

Emma Miller, a Lilliputian, is on her way to winning big! A master of all things in the world of words; she, her twin brother, and her family prepare to compete in a WORD WONDER WORKS contest to help pay for their college education.

A delicious twist to the competition, is that most of the answers have to be sent by text message. Emma, with nimble fingers is rather good at that too! It seems that life experiences, and home-school lessons prepared them to give the Griffins some stiff competition in this exciting annual event.

The engaging, riveting, edge-of-your seat contest components will help the reader hone their own word skills, and keep them cheering for Emma and her family. It will draw the reader into the vortex of word wizardry.