ABOUT G D Kokani

G D Kokani
G D Kokani was born before India was granted independence and grew up in modest surroundings in a small, secluded village. For thirty years he held the post of class one administrative officer in the Department of Education, Government of Maharashtra. He has experienced many adversities du More...



Human nature is as vast and as infinite as the Universe. Human beings possess highest intelligence, knowledge and technology. But still human life is largely shadowed by unhappiness, sufferings, unrest, chaos, confusion, mutual mistrust and dishonesty. The author has honestly attempted to understand some of the truths about human nature and confidently hopes that such truths will enlighten the common man to enrich his life by adopting a rational, practical and scientific approach in life and thereby making his life more bearable, more happy, more meaningful and peaceful.

Human Nature is the distillation of a lifetime’s contemplation about the human condition.

Kokani displays a firm grasp of political ideologies, religious frameworks and the levels of human intelligence, or lack of, and their corresponding effects in Human Society.

The chapters explore conceptions of the laws of Human Nature in a list format, culminating in a text presented with the aim of adjusting the "wrongs" in society by understanding earthly existence through the mechanics of History. The underlying theme of the whole text is saturated with the obvious wisdom of the Author in respect to his personal experience of these subjects.

"Human Nature" is very deep and richly adorned with metaphors, questions, and truths. The book itself exudes common sense in every word, and it will appeal to students of Psychology, Education and the Media.

Covering a multitude of subjects from Willpower, Friendship and Happiness to Nationalism, Justice, and Functions of Money, the psychological make-up of Humans is fully exposed.

For those who seek to know the World through clarity of understanding, then this is a great place to start. Whether you agree or disagree with the ideas presented in the text is irrelevant, as the journey will give you ample opportunity to reflect on your own perceptions, or beliefs, by the process of understanding the viewpoint of another.

"Human Nature" is an honest attempt to create change in the World by sharing humble opinion with honourable intention and radical ideas!"

Review by Jade Ashcroft