Venice is for Lovers: Erotica from The Miracle in July—Act One

Biographies & Memoirs, Romance

By Michelle Rae Anderson

Publisher : I Heart Media

Venice is for Lovers: Erotica from The Miracle in July—Act One

ABOUT Michelle Rae Anderson

Michelle Rae Anderson
Michelle Rae Anderson is a writer, digital strategist and community builder with 20 years of media development experience. She is fascinated with the way people and technologies interact in business and in pleasure. Her art form is sculpting with media--words, images, sounds--to create spa More...



An American woman and a Danish man, both writers, share sensual “dates” via instant messenger. Bent on making each story steamier than the last, the stories lead the couple to admire each other’s erotic creativity, and soon superficial feelings turn serious.

This arousing anthology features erotic stories found in the semi-autobiography The Miracle in July, the true tale of casual digital lovers who exchange tales of Venetian love-making and fall in love along the way.

This collection of erotic stories is part of a larger story called The Miracle in July, a visceral semi-autobiography about my relationship with a bad boy actor/writer who lived 9 hours ahead and 5,000 miles apart from me. When I met Daniel, I was a writer who didn't write and nursing a recently broken heart in Portland, Oregon. He was my Danish distraction, a movie-star-handsome Viking who kindly offered me a pleasurable "no strings attached" respite from my pain. But like all great love stories, in the end I gained so much more. It is my sincere hope that this erotic anthology is appreciated for the gift that meeting and loving a Viking brought me: the strength it gave me to chase my dream to be a writer. I wish all the world inspiration to follow their bliss, as well, whatever and wherever it may be.

"The story...provides a compelling tableau of erotic life at the intersection of real and virtual worlds." - Paul Levinson, Author of New New Media and The Plot to Save Socrates