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  • Author & Book Websites ?

    Author & Book Websites - We design, develop & host beautiful, user-friendly author websites & book websites. We work from self-published authors to publishers. Whether you’re launching your first book or have many titles to your name, we are here to take care of your books online presence.

  • BookBuzzr Flipper ?

    BookBuzzr Flipper - It is an innovative tool that adds a little spark to your website and blog.


    1. An excellent replacement for your static book-cover image.
    2. Retain your visitors on your site - The full screen view opens on your blog or website itself.
    3. Customize the size of the widget - Make it small and fit it on the side bar of your blog or make it big and use it as a stand-alone website for your book!
    4. Multiple colors - We have multiple colors for the widgets in order to complement your book and website / blog.
    5. You can bundle all kinds of interesting stuff into your widget including your Twitter handle, your bio, buy links and social profiles.
  • Mini Flipper Widget ?

    Mini Flipper Widget - Goes where the classic BookBuzzr flipper does not (such as on your blog's sidebar)

  • Email Signature ?

    Email Signature - A fantastic way to distinguish yourself and stand-out from the crowd of emails that your recipients receive, it's an excellent way to unobtrusively market your book to all your email recipients.

  • Twitter Scheduler ?

    Twitter Scheduler - Gain additional exposure on Twitter without wasting hours of your day with Book-Tweeter tool. It helps you to promote your books on Twitter by setting up auto-tweets.


    1. Create promotional messages to send automatically from Book Tweeter.
    2. Schedule your tweets and save time.
    3. Engage with millions of readers on Twitter.
  • Amazon Sales Rank Alert Tool ?

    Amazon Alerts tool sends you an email alert ONLY if your Amazon book's sales rank has gone up.


    1. Saves an hour a day.
    2. Concentrate on writing without breaking flow.
    3. Capture the moment if your book breaks into a best seller list.
  • Landing Page widget ?

    Landing Page widget - The perfect way to announce your new book to readers on your website, blog & Facebook fan page. This widget can fit on the sidebar of your blog or website. Or it can hover over your content. You choose.


Are the prices per book or per author?

No. Authors can choose whether they want BookBuzzr for 1 book or up to 5 or 10 books. If you have more than 10 books, you can contact us for discounted pricing by sending an email to support@bookbuzzr.com

Cancellations may be made by sending an email to support@bookbuzzr.com, or by logging into your 'My Account' page on the website and clicking on "Manage Subscriptions" and then clicking on "Unsubscribe."

You can pay using PayPal or any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) paid via the PayPal interface. Our payment processor is PayPal. We like PayPal because of its reputation, size and security.

No long-term commitments. No hidden clauses. You simply pay as you go on a yearly basis. We work hard to retain our authors with innovative new book marketing and book promotion features that are released almost every month. You keep getting additional new technologies at the same price.

You can contact us by mentioning which service you require via email support@bookbuzzr.com and our team will get in touch to help you.


  • Scott Hunter

    Scott Hunter

    Author of Black December


    BookBuzzr Facebook Author Page Widget is like having a mini-website embedded into Facebook. It's all there: Bio, Video, links to social media and games, and best of all, the 'read free sample' application for each of my books. This feature makes it so easy to dive in and get reading as if . . . well, as if you're reading the actual book! Add to this an intuitive banner, colour and layout customization feature and you have a powerful new marketing tool to add to your Facebook account.

  • Rowena Cherry

    Rowena Cherry

    Author of Mating Net


    Every author with a book to sell should visit your site and create a mini e-book of a sample chapter or two. Your product is fantastic, and your people are wonderful.

  • Emma Ennis

    Emma Ennis

    Author of Red Wine and Words


    The BookBuzzr widget is an innovative tool that can add a little spark to your website, blog, email signature or Facebook fan page. It gives instant access to as much of your book as you wish - a tantalizing snippet, whole sections, or the book in its entirety. The widget is similar to the 'look inside' gadget on Amazon except with the BookBuzzr widget you have the control.

  • Dan Cohen

    Dr. Dan Cohen

    Author of Red Wine and Words


    The website and FB widgets are worth the monthly fee, any other benefits you derive are a bonus. The widgets are simple to setup and install, and they create a very professional and necessary addition to one's website and FB page.