Aija Butler

Writing has become a form of counsel for me. The pen and pad are my most treasured items. After going through a horrific disease at such a young age, I found that during the hours in which most said would be my last, I wanted to live. I decided on my death bed that I wanted to succeed. We as human's are funny that way. We want to bargin with God when our time is near. Its human nature I presume, a stage in the five stages of death. I had an awakening and as hard as it was to be honest with myself, it was harder to survive. Thinking about dying and how easy it would be for me to simply slip away during the night without pain enticed my every thought. On the side of my mobile bed I had about seventeen journals. I wrote every chance I got. I wrote about my life, my goals, aspirations. I wrote letters to my daugther, who was only six months old when I became sick. I was scared and weak for so many years prior to my awakening. I went to the college my family suggested. I involved myself in groups and activities that others found to be popular. I said YES when my heart, mind, and day planner said NO. I must say that today I am Aija. My heart and soul is ready to accept success. I will never walk away from my goals and dreams because they appear to be unattainable. I am many things, I am a writer. A writer of poetry, memoirs, novels, music. I am even thinking of writing a script. I am also a student of medicine, a graduate of psychology, and I plan to continue my studies. I believe that everyday is a lesson. There is always something to learn, an experience to share.

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