Alison Stuart

Alison was born in Kenya and emigrated to Melbourne at the age of ten. She studied law at Melbourne University and has worked in a variety of areas as a lawyer, including the military. In 2000 she moved to Singapore with her husband and sons and for three years was able to pursue serious, full time writing. While in Singapore she was published in two anthologies of short stories, one of which appeared briefly in a best seller list and both of which are still available on Amazon! Apart from this minor success with short stories, she has been published in a number of other anthologies of short stories and magazines. Prior to publication Alison was a finalist in competitions, including the shortlist of the Catherine Cookson Fiction Prize, the Emma Darcy Award and the Emerald Award. In 2007 her first two novels BY THE SWORD and THE KING'S MAN were published. BY THE SWORD won the 2008 Eppie Award for Best Historical Romance.

Book(s) By Alison Stuart

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