Amber Polo

Amber Polo –


As a yoga teacher, she loves to teach people to relax

As a librarian, she loves interesting research projects

As a writer, she loves to write 

As a traveler, she packs more guidebooks than underwear – and still gets lost


Following the wise advice - teach what you need to learn - Relaxing the Writer: Guidebook to the Writer’s High brings together all her loves.


Amber’s fiction has been called quirky and profound. She has published short stories, two novels, and won first place in the Story Circle Network ’08 LifeWriting Competition.


Her yoga teacher training is in Integral Yoga, the program Dean Ornish used to develop his Program for Reversing Heart Disease and a method proven to teach recognition of tension and the techniques to release it. Relaxation One Breath at a Time, her first CD, won praise as an accessible, not too woo-woo, relaxation instruction.


Amber lives in Arizona near the relaxing red rocks.

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