Anastasia Makratzi

I had my first contact with light, air and the blue  in 1966 in Chania Crete, which since then are my benchmarks. The sounds of music of the guitar and the piano came into my life at the Greek Conservatory of Chania, where I studied for a decade. I graduated from the Universitty of Preschool Education of Athens in 1985, got the  degree of Early Childhood Education Department of the University of Ioannina  in 2001, a retraining diploma in Education Science  ftom the Department of Preschool Education, of University of Crete in 2003, when with a scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation I started my doctoral thesis on the perception of  space and time, in Early Childhood Education Department of the University of Ioannina , which I supported in 2011. In an effort  for a holistic approach of spacetime I was trained in alternative energy healing which I now have as a therapist as well as a teacher and experienced in a four-year trainee program the person-centered approach and the omnidirectional interventionism (NDI) for psychotherapy and pedagogy from which I graduated in 2014. I am kindergarten class teacher, I worked as an assistant in the preservice teachers students in the Department of Preschool Education of University of Crete and as instructor for the courses of pedagogy-nipiagogiki and children's literature in the Department for assistants nipiovrefokomon and  the Departmetn for preschool activities of creation and expression of D.I.E.K. Crete. I have two children  George and Eva, the two angels of my life.

The universe is giving me new knοwledge directly from the source.

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