Angela Louise McGurk

Angela is the author of the Vampire Alliance series.'Absolution', book one of the series, is available for Kindle.'Allegiance', book two, will be released early next year with the third and final book,'Antithesis' following.

Vampire's are popular with Angela, being the subject of most of her writing and 65-75% of her reading. The other 25-35% of Angela's reading is usually historical fiction and/or historical non-fiction. The combination of Angela's love of vampires and history can been seen in 'Absolution' which combines the modern world and WW1 history.

While currently occupied running her business, Angela spends much of her free time writing, reading,and trying to find a way of saving all the worlds in her head before they evaporate to some forgotten place never to be retrieved. As well as being a designer, business owner and writer, Angela is the mother to two fantastic children and wife to a husband who still hasn't read her books!

She grew up in a small Northumbrian pit village and briefly lived in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne where the Vampire Alliance series is set. One of her favourite places in the world in Rome and when she gets around to finishing the re-write of the prequel to the Vampire Alliance series this will be set in Rome. The prequel, currently going under the working title of 'Irredeemable' has been a work in progress for fourteen years, originally written in Angela's early teens it is currently being re'vamped' and will be published sometime in the future. Although as Angela also has plans for sequels, prequels and spin offs what comes next is anyone's guess!

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