Arleen Alleman

I am a former analyst with the Government Accountability Office, where I wrote extensively on many real world topics.  I have also worked as a fashion model, teacher, insurance adjuster, jewelry designer, and boutique owner.  Now I have fulfilled a life-long dream to write novels.  I love health and fitness, traveling, and studying religious history.  I'm always reading fiction.  I was born in England and grew up in New Hampshire and Nevada.  Now I live in Colorado with my husband, Tim

Book(s) By Arleen Alleman


Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?


Writing these novels is the fulfillment of a life-long dream.  I have done a number of things professionally, but always thought how wonderful it would be to write.  I was born in England and my parents moved us to the U.S. when I was little.  I grew up in New Hampshire and Las Vegas, then moved to Colorado in the 1970s. My education is in biology, but I have worked as a fashion model and finishing school instructor; an insurance adjuster; and a senior analyst for the U.S. Government Accountability Office.  After retiring from the GAO, I pursued a career in jewelry design and owned a small home decor shop and boutique.  It was only four years ago that I began my writing career.


Describe your book ‘Currents Deep and Deadly’ in 30 words or less.


A beautiful pragmatic and troubled woman runs into her hidden past, a murder plot, mystery, madness, and romance, aboard a luxury cruise ship.


What was the hardest part of writing your book?


I think the hardest part was just accepting that I could do it.  I really had no prior experience with writing fiction.  I had been writing for the U.S. Congress on many topics for years, but this was decidedly non-creative. Also, at first, the idea of producing a novel and getting it published was daunting.


What books have had the greatest influence on you?


The hundreds of murder/mystery and adventures I have read over the past fifty years have had a profound influence. If I had to pick one book, or series, it would be Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. To me, these books are adventures and do not fall into one of the typical genres of romance, mystery, or thriller.  These are the types of stories I want to tell.


Briefly share with us what you do to market your book?


My marketing has primarily  been through the internet.  I am working on twitter, facebook, and a myriad of author websites like your own. Of course, locally I do book signings and have had signings on a cruise ship that was on the same route around South America as in my first two books. I sell my books on and and they are at my local public library. Coincidentally, next weekend I will be in New York participating in a Hollywood pitch fest to tell my story to about ten movie and TV producers. Through my publisher, Xlibris, my book has been advertized at American Library Association meetings and in the NY Times magazine.  The marketing of the books is by far the most difficult aspect of writiing.


How do you spend your time when you are not writing?


Marketing the books and doing research as well as reading. I am very interested in health and fitness and go to the gym as many days as possible.  I blog about fitness, writing, travel, and life at Normally, I would be traveling by cruise ship every four to six months to gather background information and to write onboard.


What are you working on next?


I am working on the third book in the cruise crime adventure series. This one will take place primarily in Florida and will involve some local and federal government corruption, as well as terror cells and a small cruise ship involved in smuggling and money laundering.

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