Ayesha Patterson

   During many years working for retailer Best Buy, Ayesha had the opportunity to gain valuable business knowledge.  Her favorite part of that experience was sharing what she learned with others.  Ayesha became a Specialty Coach, responsible for training new managers from other locations on various duties like, analyzing financial reports, implementing cost controls and supervising administrative functions. When it came time for Ayesha to end her journey at Best Buy, she knew that providing business coaching to others was the ideal way to help those who need guidance.  There is no shortage of great ideas for products and services to bring to market, and Ayesha has a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve their vision, as demonstrated in her new book, The Subtle Shark: Redefining Career Achievement.

Ayesha has over 20 years experience in various leadership positions in the the retail, production and service sectors.  She has managed multiple facilities, regions, and territories with responsibilities for 400+ employees and annual revenues in excess of $50 million.
Ayesha will provide big business guidance to your small business.

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