Barbara Hart

I'm the mother of five, and the author of three books, "The Lives of Abused and Battered Women", "Heart-Boosting Poetry" and "Love On The Rocks, Abuse And Power Pointers". My purpose in life is to give hope and inpiration to others. Because of my abusive lifestyle, I turned it around to be a testimony to send out kind words of hope, and to be an inspiration to others that may need their soul and heart to be blessed or uplifted. I want to remind others that no matter what the situation looks like, to never give up. There is always hope or a break through for them also. I want my readers to know that my heart and prayers are with them. It doesn't mean that you've been abused it is only to tell my story to give a sense of hope and help to others. My prayers, kind words of hope, help and sister love is sent through the airwaves and through my books to touch the reader deep down in their soul and heart. My words are a blessing to you so that I too shall receive my blessing. You can never come close to knowing how it feels to be abused unless you have walked that un-neccessary mile in the shoes of someone that is, or that has been abused.
Abuse is a subject that is kept hidden, swept under the rug, to hide the humiliation, hurt and shame. No one wants to talk about the subject as though it will make it go away. It is truly a shame and disgrace to be treated that way. You should never hurt the one that you love. Even if you feel that it's not love just walk away. With time things can turn around for the better for everyone. You should never try to keep abuse a secret because someone else knows about it. It just may put an end to it, but the longer you take it, the longer it will exist.

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