Bernard Smalls

Bernard Smalls
is a gung ho success motivator. As a corporate trainer he trained team members how to serve with raving fan concepts and make history at a Toyota franchise by being the first to win every Toyota excellence award in the first year of business. Bernard is a Predictive Index business analyst, a certified Situational Leadership trainer and a public speaker that has been endorsed by Ken Blanchard. While living in Anchorage, Alaska he attended Charismatic Bible College of Anchorage and entered the ministry full-time pastoral ministry for ten years. Mr. Smalls is a life long learner having studied, leadership, entrepreneurship, business, behavioral science, psychology and theology. He is presently pursuing his PhD in organizational psychology. International business experts Dr. Ken Blanchard, Peter J. Daniels and the late Dottie Walters, author of "Speak and Grow Rich" have all endorsed Bernard's work.


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