Bernie Fallon

In 1990, I had a goal to do good things for people and the world so I studied the conditions of health. But, I soon realized that people are driven by a stronger force than “changing their diet.” So, I advanced to studying environmental health in the mid-nineties thinking that these principles would leverage people into doing good things for themselves and the world. Again, I learned that people are driven by something deeper. What was it? 

In Phoenix, for a time, I lived among homeless people, drug addicts and debilitated people (even housed, employed and supported). I cared about homeless children and orphans and I kept moving forward. These areas, I felt, is where the true solution would be found. Around 1994, I coined a term called, Goodology® and have developed a system of understanding our energy at a core level and expanding that storehouse within. It works. When you really increase your energy deep within yourself, some interesting things happen, automatically. It’s very empowering for each individual, leaving a byproduct that is a more kind, more gentle and more understanding world.

I managed to have success in other areas - as a corporate trainer for some pretty big companies. Using these principles of good acts in the corporate world showed incredible results. Later, I bought the Public Market in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, which transformed though seven years of ownership. 

Currently, I have been able to finish my book on the subject of Goodology®. I think it's great material for everyone. This allows me to speak at different venues here in Phoenix and Los Angeles. So, I have presentations for teens, corporations and the average person out there seeking more happiness and power.

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