Brian Serjeant

Lifetime spent (or maybe squandered) in IT, from the mighty old mainframes to current technologies, in the course of which I helped construct some towering edifices: cathedrals of software…  that have vanished like so many houses of straw. Yes, computer applications have a remarkably short lifespan - before collapsing under the relentless advance of new technologies. 
So at the end of this career (which I did enjoy) there is nothing that I can show my kids and proudly say to them "I built that".
The good news is that I was blessed with being born into a world that enjoys the riches of the most wonderful communication medium that humankind has ever conceived of - the English Language.
There are nouns by the bucketful and verbs to breathe life into them, there are adjectives for every  occasion to colour our world and there are adverbs to flavour it, there are pronouns and articles for  decoration, conjunctions and prepositions for mortar and interjections for portals.
What amazing and durable building materials!
Our birthright includes also, vast libraries in which wordsmiths have left us their legacies to explore, and we can all strive to contribute to this treasure in some small way.
Ketherstone Ridge is my first attempt.  It will not be my last.

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