Brian Snow

Dr. Brian G Snow was born in Massachusetts, graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Boston College and received a Doctorate from Georgetown University. Dr. Snow has worked with a wide range of special education students, including gifted students under The National Science Foundation program at Brandeis University. Dr. Snow taught special education at various school districts in California in the counties of Los Angeles, San Diego, Contra Costa and Sacramento for over ten years. During this time he educated autistic, mentally and physically challenged, at-risk, abused, gang, and seriously-emotionally disturbed children. Dr. Snow has won many awards, including special recognition from Boston's Department of Health and Hospitals for his dedicated service to the children of Boston. Dr. Snow was also on staff at Massachusetts General Hospital while residing in Chestnut Hill. For Note: Dr. Snow lives in San Diego, California. Please visit: for more information. Dr. Brian G Snow graduated Boston College with Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) and received a Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) from Georgetown University. Because of a progressive bone disease, Dr. Snow had to change careers and concentrated on helping physically-challenged and at-risk children for over 12 years while he was disabled. He considers this tragic event a major life changer and is appreciative of the opportunity to work with these wonderful children.

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