Bruce MacDonald

Bruce Macdonald has more than 40 years in the marketing communications business. During these years he held positions and roles including: 4 years as an illustrator and designer in Chicago, 4 years with an American design firm in London, 10 years as an advertising executive and managing director with Young & Rubicam Advertising Agency. In the mid 80's he started his own firm (Congdon Macdonald & Shear, Inc.) in New York. He served as Managing Partner, then CEO of this firm. During the course of his career he and his firm received a number of awards for design work, including 3 CLIOS, 3 Society of illustrator awards and one Edison Award for their work with Pepsi Cola, Nabisco Foods, Bacardi, CBS, Johnson & Johnson, etc. Today he is Chairman Emeritus of that firm, retired and living in Lexington, Virginia. Since 2001 he has been a Adjunct Professor of Business Administration with Williams School for Commerce at Washington & Lee Univ where he teaches advertising and design communication.

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