C.W. Schutter

I'm an author and screenwriter who was born in Hawaii and currently live in the mountains of Colorado.As an author and screenwriter, my desire is to bring my readers into magical world where everything is possible to anyone who dreams. I want my readers to fall in love with my characters, get mad at them, hate them, laugh and cry with them, and become a part of their lives. I'd like to take my readers on a journey they will never forget so at the end of the story, readers will feel like they were part of my made-up world. I wish for them to learn something new and discover different ways of looking at people and situations. I hope to challenge my readers to think in a way they've never thought before. Most of all, I want my stories to resonate in the hearts of everyone who reads my books or sees the movies I wrote. And, of course, I wish to entertain. Thank you and Aloha for reading my stories.  

Book(s) By C.W. Schutter

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