Carole Hart

When Carole’s father, the last of their parents, dies, Carole and husband Bernie take stock of their life in Northampton (England), and realise that they are free to make a fresh start, as long as they can find a way to top up their income.  After investigating several options they find themselves (along with Norman the cat) moving to Cornwall, a county they had never previously known, and opening a small B & B in an ancient town called St Columb Major.  Soon a variety of guests, from all over the world, are weaving in and out of the story, all colourfully described and brought to life with more than a touch of humour. 

In addition to the B & B this enterprising couple also turn their hands to a variety of pursuits in order to make ends meet, such as the buying and selling of collectables at auction, face painting and growing their own vegetables on an allotment. Their new life is full of ups and downs, laughs and disappointments and this is all vividly recorded.  

St. Columb has a wealth of old traditions and plenty of quirky characters and a laid back way of life reminiscent of the England of their childhoods.  As with all things in life though, there are some sad and fearful times, and this whole recounting flows along beautifully, in quite a poetic manner, making “Leaving England” a most engaging read written in beautiful breezy style, and an incentive to others who may wish to add a little spice to their lives. 

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