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Carolyn Griffiths was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1960. The daughter of Warren and Sheila McDaniel. She lived her entire childhood in the small town of Atchison, Kansas most noted for the famed female pilot Amelia Earhart and the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe railroad.

Writing since childhood she often found herself immersed in the world of fiction. Her stories would become favorites among peers and instructors who prompted her to continue with her writing, in which she later found herself writing articles for numerous school papers.

In 2008 she seized the opportunity to co-write with paranormal author, Janice Oberding on a book entitled “Goldfield- It's History and Hauntings” a historical accounting of perpetual Ghostly encounters, documented at the infamous Goldfield Hotel located in Goldfield, Nevada. Her role as Event Manager for Paracon 2008 in Las Vegas, however, interfered with creative efforts and resulted in the declination of her contribution. “Goldfield” along with other paranormal books by the author Janice Oberding are available at

The Feathered Serpents” her newest endeavor, is an online publication that immerses the reader into ancient catacombs of the Mayan civilization and their secret knowledge of “Cycles of Time”, anchoring the notorious Long Count calendar and its relevance to modern day society, most known for predicting an uncertain future for the world in the year 2012. Carolyn also hosts a blogsite : “2012 Eclectic mix” on Today .com. To visit the website go to: .

Other books in progress , include a motivational series entitled “Seasons of Harvest- The Seven Pearls of Wisdom”, and an Electronic book (e-book) on the subject of Hydro, Aero, and Aqua ponics, systems utilized for home grown and wholesome foods. “ Hooked on Ponics” which will be available later this year online.

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