Chermean Gregory


I'm an upcoming author, and "Perfectly Addicted" is my first of many novels to come. I have always believed in the art of the spoken word and the imagination being a powerful tool. When asked what inspired me to write my first novel I respond by saying "I read a book on   African American Astrology/ Zodiac signs, not really being an astrology person, I was surprised with all this book had to say about my sign, Gemini. Almost everything this book said was exactly who I am. The interesting part was when it spoke on Gemini's being the sign of the communicator, and anyone who knows me will agree, that word best describes me. It also stated the best career choice for me would be in  journalism. I have always enjoyed writing      poetry and over recent years I'd veered away from it. Deciding to write fiction novels will allow me to become different characters through my own imagination and to bring them to life on print." I live with my husband, children and two puppies in Charlotte, NC.


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