Christopher Harding

Christopher Harding has been involved in the entertainment and media industries for 20 years. Having started as a songwriter and film score composer, Harding built and ran multiple recording studios and then graduated into producing music television music specials for MTV, ABC, CBS and others. The artists with whom he and his company worked include U2, Garth Brooks, and Kenny Loggins. 

From there Harding became a producer and an executive producer of independent films and television movies and eventually stepped up to serve as President of a Los Angeles-based film, international television, and music production and distribution company. He and his colleagues produced and released a number of highly rated movies and won multiple awards including an Emmy and an Oscar. 

The author of numerous books and a business advisor to an impressive list of Fortune 100 companies, Harding also serves as the CEO of Mondo Power, Inc., an Internet applications company whose latest release, is garnering growing attention for its uniquely intuitive approach to web design for the everyday person.

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