Clarissa O. Clemens

Being a lover of words and an even greater lover of the sensual world, it was inevitable for the two worlds to come together and erupt in a flood of erotic poetry. The Poetic Art of Seduction - The Erotic Poetry Collection is 3 volume's worth of my sex-soaked passion poetry that also includes a beautiful assortment of seductive photos to complement my poems.

I was born in Burbank, California and spent my youth in the San Fernando Valley just over the hill from Los Angeles. I thrived on all things involving the written word having wrote for my school newspaper, excelling in my creative writing classes, and using my writing skills to fake my way through many a college course.

After divorce, I used my love of writing to process all the feelings I was experiencing so that I could get back in touch with my emotions and desires. Poems were pouring out of me at an incredible rate. I can thank poetry for probably saving me thousands of dollars in therapy.

In addition to my 3 volumes of erotic poetry in the series, The Poetic Art of Seduction, I also have another series of poetry that includes all the broken heart to hopeful heart poems I wrote to heal after divorce. This series has 2 volumes so far with a 3rd set for release in July 2014 and is titled, The Poetic Diary of Love and Change.

I currently live in Sacramento, California and am awaiting my next muse to enter my life.


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