The Poetic Diary of Love and Change - The Hopeful Heart Poetry Collection: Volumes 1 - 3

The Poetic Diary of Love and Change - The Hopeful Heart Poetry Collection: Volumes 1 - 3

ABOUT Clarissa O. Clemens

Clarissa O. Clemens
Being a lover of words and an even greater lover of the sensual world, it was inevitable for the two worlds to come together and erupt in a flood of erotic poetry. The Poetic Art of Seduction - The Erotic Poetry Collection is 3 volume's worth of my sex-soaked passion poetry that also inclu More...



Can poetry help heal a broken heart? Are you feeling devastated by losing the love of your life? Has divorce broken your heart into a million pieces? It can make you feel as though you cannot go on and that you will never love again. Clarissa O. Clemens found herself drowning in the pain of a broken heart. She took her pen in hand and began processing all of those feelings writing poems of hopeful verse providing solace to her aching heart. Here are some samples of the poems included in this Collection you will be purchasing: Abyss of Nothingness Existing in the abyss of nothingness Floating in the great beyond Clinging to the feeling of weightlessness Dreaming of the unbreakable bond Sinking into swirling seas Trusting the future to the powers that be Twirling spirits creating clouds Searching for you within the crowd I find you peaceful waiting there Our eyes connect in a loving stare Warm embrace holds us tight Not letting go, not losing sight The fear of loss that weighed heavy on my heart Has left me now to begin a new start *** ©Clarissa O. Clemens 2012 When and How Dreaming our meeting Into the now Eagerly awaiting The when and how Do I know your name? Where your heart resides? Have you kept it tucked away? So lonely it hides I almost feel your breath, Though we have never quite met The smell of your skin, The lure of your scent Fate will find us together, In the same place in time Once I find you, my love, Into your arms I will climb *** ©Clarissa O. Clemens 2013 Loving Myself First Fluttery feeling Fading fast Holding onto dreams You thought would last Slipping away only to betray The trust you had invested Had failed after tested What we had once called ‘us’ Became empty and ambiguous The 'we' became me The bond was forever gone The ‘you’ went astray My broken heart on display Alone in my loneliness Finding strength From my coldness Anger helps to heal Erase the numbness so I can feel Direct my life with new meaning Moving ahead done with grieving Opportunities await my future state Ready to create and contemplate Who I am and who I want to be Loving myself first To truly set myself free *** ©Clarissa O. Clemens 2014 Reviews & Accolades: " was if she was reaching into my soul, into my heart and interpreting my raw emotions into words..." "Clarissa is a true artist and this book a true work of art." "Some quotes are so powerful that they stick in your head for weeks after reading. Amazing work! "...will help heal and mend your broken heart...a must read." This is a collection of all 3 volumes of the series, The Poetic Diary of Love and Change, written by the accomplished poet, Ms. Clarissa O. Clemens.