100 Years of Ermintrude


By Tom Evans

Publisher : Four O'Clock Press

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Tom Evans
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This story tells of a centenarian's life and those of her family members in just 33 stanzas

It has made grown men cry and women & children smile

Although it can be read in minutes, it carries a message that will remain with you forever

It is the first of a trilogy too - more details & get a signed copy here

It's fantastic to hear how the story of Ermintrude was born. It never ceases to amaze me the many wonderful and inspirational ways that people find to raise funds for us, and I think in your case it was a happy accident that was just meant to be, so I hope that she and her family will have a long and happy fundraising life.

Ermintrude reminded me a great deal of my mother and me. Tristan reminded me of my brother.  I'm sure this trilogy will pull on the heart strings of many as well as tap into memories poignant, strong, emotive and tender. 

I'm so glad you handle the content in such a sensitive, caring way.  It is easy to forget just how short and fragile life is... this helps us remember to handle all with care and to cherish all of life, the good and the bad. 

Many thanks for your willingness to share your work with the rest of us.  Brilliant!

Stop, look and listen.  Read, learn and inwardly digest.  I'm touched and delighted.  I'm quiet.  Thank you.

A truly poignant story of how life changes. It made me think about how the bad times quickly change to good times.  Really thought provoking and I will be sending a copy to my mum and my aunt, I know they will love it.  It suits all ages, as you can identify with each stage of her life with yours.

All now downloaded successfully - and what an absolutely superb trilogy. To paraphrase that line in your autobiography - May you too know of what good you are doing. These little works of yours are unbelievably thought-provoking. Oh, how this world needs such a source of inward reflection.


Keep up the good work and please let me know when that forthcoming first big novel becomes a reality.

I loved it. Starting at the end of her life was pure genius, and gave a mystery to the names and events, and a compulsion to find out their origins. It was touching, charming, and very lovely.

The music was just right, and the pictures sensitive and evocative.

I look forward to the sequel.

A colleague of mine at work who participated in the Moonwalk recently introduced me to 100 Years of Ermintrude and I was so impressed and moved by the composition that I was determined to get my hands on a copy at the earliest opportunity. It is truly a little masterpiece and one that I hope will continue to be widely available for some years to come.


Rest assured that once the sequels about Lucy and Tristan are released I shall be purchasing copies of both.

100 years flies by so fast, whether you read it forward or backwards.  A wonderfully inspired gift for anyone to read and make comparisons to one's own life.  I reached Ermintrude at age 35, my age in January 2007, and thought of what I'd packed into my own life already and there's still so much more.  Thank you.  My goose bumps told me it had touched my heart. x

Ermintrude is absolutely beautiful.  It is so touching, so simple and yet so profound.  I loved it. With abundant blessings.

"I watched/listened to Ermintrude with a couple of friends. If is fantastic, really moving. It made us all sit back and think. Afterwards the room was quite for a few minutes. It was strange, we then starting talking about who each character was. Definitely a profound effect. Then we watched it again".

The story made me cry so much - what a wonderful experience  - thank you!

Came home after a long day and read it. Lovely, heartwarming and a few similarities with my own life - I look forward to age 100 and to the sequels. The telling in reverse works incredibly well and makes this story quite a unique listening/reading experience. There's at least one stanza which relates to anyone so I recommend it to everyone.

Ermintrude moved me to tears, made be laugh out loud and made me think so much of my own life - what an uplifting fantastic 10 minutes of pure "think" time.

I will read it often I'm sure, and my 18 year old daughter is already eager to see what made her mother so tearful, yet smilely - Well done to you both.

Ab fab way of sharing a great story with music and vocals that really do touch the heart. Thanks for inspiring all who connect.

How touching! A wonderful reminder to all of the important things in life, all focused around love and how life ebbs and flows... :-)


Ermintrude lives her life in the present, neither worrying about the future or feeling guilty about the past. A lesson to us all.

"Ermintrude" is a moving and witty everyday story of a woman\'s life. The presentation, style and elegance of the story is outstanding. It is more than an ebook, using graphics, music and a narrator most imaginatively.

Congratulations!  A very well presented story. Tears welled up a few times until they finally dropped and I sobbed. Beautiful !!!

This is a wonderful story of how life unfolds... literally

I enjoyed the read, it made think about how short life is and that I should commit to achieving my goals and life ambitions.

Beautiful, very well done. Thank you.

A delightful experience an accomplished narrator and tasteful musical accompaniment combined with the text and evocative art work make Ermintrude's touching story come to life.

My first e-book but not my last now I know that there will be sequels. A lovely story written with great insight.

A simple, moving look at the positive side the frailties of modern life.  A must read book in a beautifully presented format.

“One lives life forward, but often only understands it looking back. You’ll recognise many of life’s themes and lessons in this delightfully creative fable, which I recommend. An ideal virtual present.”


I thoroughly enjoyed 100 years of Ermintrude.

I found the stanzas poignant as well as amusing as they simply layed out the '100 years of Ermintrude'; who had a life we can all relate to.

Two thumbs up!!

Beautifully crafted e book, both visually and emotively. I loved the way the story unfolded backwards, Ermintrude's long life being replayed in succinct and moving prose to give the reader some insight into the trials and tribulations of her life. Here's hoping it raises lots of money for Walk the Walk. Well done to you all!

An inspired read and a pleasure to behold.

Very touching - and the design is just great! I've never read an e-book all the way through online before - I hate all the scrolling, and end up printing them off. So it was inspired to make each stanza fit exactly on a screen.

The story is so simple, yet so evocative - no need for pages of description or philosophising - just enough to prompt the reader into imagination & thought. The title meant I was expecting a historical perspective, so I did find it bit odd that each stage in Ermintrude's life was written in the present time. At first I found the reversed chronology odd too, but I think it added to it, as understanding slowly opens up - especially when I read it again - back to front, which is so well supported by the format!

A deeply moving story, told in a deceptively simple way. Beautifully illustrated and produced. I am looking forward to reading more!

Beautiful, inspiring, moving, emotional, poignant and full from cover to cover with the most amazing energy. Thank you Tom. I am a different person for having read 100 Years Of Ermintrude. You have a gift which I am looking forward to seeing you explore in the months and years ahead.

A warm-hearted and poignant tale of a life, read in only a few moments, but nontheless touching for that. It plucked chords in my heart - do read it, I'm sure you'll love it. Well done all those involved!

A lovely warming story that reminded me that childhood is the best days of our lives - off to make sure my kids enjoy themselves!

Ermintrude was fantastically written and illustrated. OUTSTANDING job Tom, I really look forward to your future works!

PS: I Tried to give you a rating of 6, but 5 was the highest :-)

A delightful piece, unusual and distinctive, and highly recommended, and I hope the first of many. And so nice to see the potential of an e-format for fiction. You're onto something, for sure! Congratulations to Tom and Jaquetta and everyone else involved.

It is fantastic! You have captured the zeitgeist of each age beautifully and with laser sharp accuracy. It is a real credit to you both and I now see why you want to wake the tiger within.

I've read this book - probably the most colourful and innovative ebook I've seen. Tom is an inspiration.

I've just read 100 Years of Ermitrude and I was taken back by the author's care. He is promoting this e-book to raise money for breast cancer which is a disease that rarely affects men.

If you haven't read Ermintrude yet, then you're definitely missing out - an inspired creation.

The 5 minutes that I spent last night reading "100 Years of Ermintrude" were some of the more thought-provoking 300 seconds that I can recall for a long time.

To start with I have to admit that I am not a big reader and I am actually an absolute novice with e-books.

However when Tom told me about 100 Years of Ermintrude I downloaded it right away.

I originally just wanted to take a quick look at the book and read it later when I had some quiet time. I have to say I read the book at once because I am completely fascinated with the story and I very much enjoyed the design.

In the meantime I have learned from Tom more about the background of the story and I can only recommend that everybody reads it. It is an absolute delight.

Tom was kind enough to provide me with a free download of the book. Today I paid for the book because I liked it so much and I would definitely want to support Tom's and Jaquetta's worthy charity.

For both Tom and Jaquetta the pressure is now on because I can't wait until their next collaboration gets published.

To both of you my sincere thanks for providing me with a few precious moments reading the book and a job extremely well done!!

What a delightful, unusual book. An excellent insight into the ages of humankind, it deserves a wide audience.

I've enjoyed very much reading this story. I found it very easy to read, even though English is not my native language. It talks about life as it is, a roller coaster full of happy and sad moments. It has also a beautiful design.

A lovely simple tale of the loves, sadness and joy of a life lived. Something on each page that we can all related to and a source of inspiration.

A short tale following a 100 years of life in relevant stages with a poignant message, an easy to read format and great graphics. Well done, makes a great little gift for all age groups and raises money for charity too. Great.

I read - a lot! But I don't recall ever having read anything like Ermintrude before... It only took a few minutes to read and to appreciate the imagery - and a few more to re-read... But reading it had a strange effect - a feeling of achievement (I told Tom I'd read it soon...) and, surprisingly, a feeling of peace... I think I can find the time to read it again...


Thought provoking! What a wonderful way of thinking about life and all it holds. Great work.

What a wonderfully unique book!! I wanted to read it twice and loved it both times!! Well done Tom and Jaquetta!!!!!!

100 Years of Ermintrude is the first e-book I've ever bought. It's a jewel of design and beautifully written - although it can be read very quickly, actually it's something that needs to be savoured again and again

Well done! What a fabulous ebook. So simple, yet so effective. I loved the story of Ermintrude's life told from back to front. Jaquetta's illustrations really bring the story live. I look forward to reading your next collaboration!

Excellent story - told in an innovative way, it really makes you think. Fascinating insights into Ermintrude's life - and lovely photos and artwork that complement the tale. Well worth a read! Well done Tom and Jaquetta

What a stroke of genius to turn it upside down - you're drawn further and further in, desperate to know what happened before. It made me sad - a small child trying to ease her mother’s sadness, it made me laugh at the thought of the thong and it made me think that at least one of my girlfriends will develop breast cancer or maybe even me! Very evocotive writing particularly when writing as a small child. I love it and I love Ermintrude and especially the big floppy hat. Completely typical of Tom's kindness to ask everyone to donate to Breast cancer. Do hope it is an enormous success and many more to follow.

Tom, what an endearing piece! There's a bit of "Ermintrude" in all our lives - both the joy and the tears. I was eagerly awaiting "100 Years of Ermintrude" and was shocked by how different it appeared from what I had expected. Upteen times more superior to how I'd imagined it to turn out. And your kindness to link into Walk The Walk for breast cancer research is a measure of the good man that you are!

Amazingly different and great fun! This ebook will be attractive to a wide and diverse audience.

I found Ermintrude thought provoking and moving. I loved that the snapshots are all current and the clever way that they're presented - For people who know Tom as an ecommerce guru this baby will come as a bit of a shock, he's actually a lovely guy with it!

Well - what can I say?


Powerful, subtle and highly emotive.