She Does Not Fear the Snow

ABOUT Bobbie Ann Cole

Bobbie Ann Cole
I have lived and worked in Israel with my husband Butch, a Canadian. We now live in Canterbury, England, where I am a storyteller and a teacher, as well as a writer. My first two books, both memoirs, became Amazon #1 bestsellers. My debut novel, Being Lena Levi, was shortlisted for the Eye More...


An Amazon #1 bestseller with 50+ glowing reviews. 

Available in Kindle and print.

From the very start of her faith autobiography, ‘She Does Not Fear the Snow’, author Bobbie Ann Cole reaches out across the page and endears herself to her reader. You will very quickly feel that you know her, and will be richer for the knowledge. 

She comes to Israel, seeking meaning and purpose for her life, following breast cancer and the demise of her long-standing marriage. There, God claims her and lays a trail of miracles that lead her from her native England to a new husband of faith in Atlantic Canada. 
Though she is upfront about her ending, you’ll find yourself longing to learn the next step in her discovery of new love and deeper faith journey. This is one of those books you just can’t put down. Potentially, you’ll be following the twists and turns of her journey into the wee small hours. 
‘A mysterious rug with a life-changing message, a Ruth-type love story, fascinating interactions with other believers, poetic descriptions of landscapes many native Canadians take for granted—and a message of God’s love and salvation,’ writes critic Margaret Welwood. ‘Bobbie Ann Cole’s story is a little too strange and untidy to be fiction. As a true story, it will leave you satisfied, yet wanting to know more.’ 
‘Often times, life will take us to the end of our rope, leaving us helpless and at our wit’s end. Yet, even in such dire situations, our God is not helpless. He will bring in plentiful harvest – a harvest of renewal, hope, joy and happiness in our life,’ says Khamneithang Vaiphei. ‘She Does Not Fear the Snow is an incredible testimony that will have a profound impact on you.’ 
If mystery, romance, women’s faith issues, the Jewish roots of Christianity, Christian living or outreach appeal to you, you will find much to enjoy.

‘She Does Not Fear the Snow’ is the unfolding of two love stories, one human, one divine. God began to pick up the pieces of her broken life in a Jerusalem church where, as a Jew, she thought she wasn’t supposed to be. From there, He laid a trail of miracles that led her from her native England to a new husband of faith in Atlantic Canada. Claimed in the Land of Israel and blessed with love, her story parallels that of biblical Ruth.

‘Filled with humor, warmth and love, She Does Not Fear the Snow is the promise of love after a battle with cancer and the sting of divorce. Bobbie Ann Cole has written an honest, touching memoir which permits the reader to accompany her through a time of healing, self-discovery and faith. Bobbie's transparency makes it hard to put down. A great read for those healing from their own journey. You will find encouragement here.’

 Kim de Blecourt, Author of Until We All Come Home: A Harrowing Journey, a Mother's Courage, a Race to Freedom (FaithWords, November, 2012)


She Does Not Fear the Snow is much more than Bobbie Cole’s testimony about her journey into faith in Jesus Christ.  It is an adventure, a tale of endurance, a love story and a thrilling reminder of God’s Father Heart towards his people.  This remarkable book is a must for anyone who believes that God is uncaring, distant and remote from our everyday lives. Here, in these pages carved from one woman’s experience of God’s very specific guidance, is the revelation that God watches over each one of us in the most incredible and intimate way.’

Trevor Payne, Senior Pastor, Hope Church, Bromley, England


‘This story shows the amazing love and power of God working through relationships to bring healing, especially spiritual healing. God's presence is obvious through the signs and visions given to those who seek the Lord like the author.’

Kathy Bruins, Christian author, speaker and dramatist


She Does Not Fear the Snow will keep you turning the pages until the very last word. This book will inspire you to look for God's voice in everyday events of life. It will cause you to reflect on past experiences and see how God's hand led you in the right path. It's a beautiful story full of romance, forgiveness and coming to faith.’

Evangeline Inman, Author of The Divine Heartmender and Extreme Worship for Songwriters


‘Is there more to life than what we see? Bobbie Cole's story, written with both deep insight and humble humour, is a captivating account of what happens when the supernatural envelopes her life's struggles of womanhood, marriage, and faith. This is a must read story of hope and healing, exemplifying that there is a God who lets us find Him when we seek Him.’

Jill Kozak, Creative Arts Director, Smythe Street Cathedral, Fredericton, NB, Canada




‘An ordinary woman with Jewish heritage discovers that her talents are God-given, her life does have purpose and there is a Messiah who loves unconditionally. A must-read for the questioner, the wonderer and the broken.’

George Woodward, Director, Israel's Peace Ministries


‘I was completely drawn into Bobbie’s journey from pain and loss to finding faith as I read her compelling story.  She writes with an openness and transparency that speaks directly to the heart, giving us hope that there is One who hears our deepest cry and responds with love beyond all expectation!’    

Rita Tsukahira, Co-Director, Or HaCarmel Center, Israel


‘Once I started reading She Does Not Fear The Snow I couldn't put it down. I really enjoy a well written story and that's how this book starts. But beyond a good story there is a powerful message of hope. This story will inspire you, encourage you and entertain you. The truth is overwhelming in a good way.’

Kimanzi Constable, Author, Speaker, Consultant


‘In my friendship and role as a pastor to Bobbie and her husband Butch, I have sensed and seen in them the longing for, the pursuit of and the realization of God’s destiny for their lives. Bobbie’s story greatly encourages us that life is not to be lived or viewed through the lens of chance.  Open your heart as you read, and embrace the personal truth that God in His providence will direct our steps and bring us to our destiny.’ 

Pastor Wayne Flowers, Smythe Street Cathedral, Fredericton, NB, Canada