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Allison ONeill
I am an expert on bosses. I am the New Zealand based author of The Boss Benchmark – a book about how to be an amazing boss. It has been endorsed by high profile and worldwide CEO’s. You can purchase a copy at . I blog regularly on the topic at www.thebossbench More...


The Boss Benchmark is a book about how to be an amazing boss. When running my staff survey company I saw inside a lot of workplaces. From petty moans to serious workplace crimes nothing could surprise me.

I would ask staff the questions management did not know they were supposed to (or were too scared to). Wherever I went, I saw bosses getting the basics wrong.

Perhaps they were so busy doing ‘the bosses work' they forgot how to actually be a boss (although there are some who never learnt how). As a boss you need to improve daily. An annual time management course and reading an article about retention is no where near enough development!

I heard first hand from loads of workers what they really love and really loathe in a boss. I now know what it takes to be a truly fabulous one and it is not complicated! I share the secrets of a staff surveyor in my book The Boss Benchmark.  The book includes 35 basics bosses need to master and 55 real workplace stories (good and bad!) that will cement the lessons forever. I lend the “keep it simple” mantra of hugely successful rugby coach (ex-Crusaders, now Wallabies) Robbie Deans. As the stories inside prove bosses need to leave complicated theories behind and urgently get back to basics.
Learn what your workers have been trying to teach you for years:

  • What small stuff you do need to sweat
  • How being off task gets more work done
  • What big mistake you keep making (it costs nothing to fix)
  • How the yucky stuff is a huge blessing
  • What cricket teaches us about being contagious at work
  • Why workers want you to get all philosophical on them
  • The team ‘skill stock take' you will wish you did 20 years ago
  • What stops your workers performing as well as they know they can

"Allison it's impressive. Pithy. Funny. On target... a great rev up - everyone'll buy one for their boss!!!" (He ordered 45 copies for his international senior management team!)Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi

"Almost every client I work with wants to work for a boss who sets clear goals, gives meaningful feedback, and lets workers get on with their jobs. This book is a helpful reminder that most problems of motivation and talent retention can only be addressed by making better managers. It improves self-awareness and shows you how to make a real impact in the workplace - I recommend it." John Lees, author of How To Get A Job You'll Love

"Your book kicked ass!" Scott Ginsberg, "that guy with the nametag"author of seven books including HELLO, my name is Scott + The Power of Approachability

"If you want success in management then this blueprint will be invaluable." Carey Smith, CEO, Ray White Real Estate + Author of Deliver

"A useful collation of tips to understand your workplace better." Peter Townsend, CEO, Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce

“I found the book to be refreshing and very clear in its message.”Martyn Dawson, Group General Manager, Armstrong Motor Group

“I like the book a lot! It's very user friendly and ideal as a quick reference guide to use on an ongoing basis; opposed to wading through a novel, getting good ideas and immediately forgetting them, or not putting them into practice as yet another title collects dust on a shelf.”Jonathon Taylor, Editor, Academy Publishing

“Just flicking through it I was impressed, you have it pitched at an affordable price for the content.”Sarah Strong, Learning Plus Manager, Bay of Plenty District Health Board